Awesome post! I’m a recovering problem drinker and finding spirituality totally transformed my life. All the things I was interested in prior to the London club scene (star gazing, moon watching, tarot, crystals) were back in my life and I loved it! Like you, I also had an ex who would berate me about my “woo woo” ways (shamed me) then it all went undercover again...until I finished it with him and scroll forward 6 years post break up. And it feels good to be me exploring all the ways I’m spiritual (I have a human design reading booked next month!!)

Not everyone is into the things I am and that’s fine. You do you, I’ll do me. But what I do know for sure, is that I will never ever dull my light or not stand in my truth again - for anyone - especially when it comes to something as important as my spirituality.

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Thank you so much for such a generous and candid reply to this week’s newsletter. I’m so glad you’ve found some healing in your pursuits and that you’ve followed your intuition beyond what partners or peers have said. Nobody knows what’s right for you other than YOU! So you do you, as you say! X

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